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Branchless Banking

  Finance is essential to help people escape a hand-to-mouth existence. Your finances are disconnected from the rest of the world is the reality today if you are poor or

Banking on Mobiles: Why, How, for Whom?

  The Road To Implementing Mobile Banking With a few exceptions, the road to implementing banking on mobiles is littered with discontinued mobile banking projects, failed new technology vendors, and

Scaling Mobile Money

  Banks Are Not There An estimated 2.5 billion adults lack access to basic formal financial services. This situation arises because banks do not find it economically attractive to deploy banking infrastructure and staff bank employees in poor and rural areas. Branch penetration, for example, averages only two branches per 100,000 people in the poorest country

Mobile Money Transactions

Product innovations on Mobile money Mobile money has often been likened to a network of digital rails through which a variety of financial and payment services can be delivered. Much