Vaiu™ for Banks


Vaiu™ network is the network of banks, e-wallets, and merchants that are connected to the Vaiu™ clearinghouse and certified to generate and accept Vaiu™ tokens. Member banks generate trusted Vaiu™ tokens representing cash equivalents and accept Vaiu™ tokens.

Open Opportunities

Instantly compete in newly formed segments of the market and provide the most advanced customer experience.

Vaiu™ offers a turnkey software package with secure APIs designed by world-class experts to minimize your integration effort while maximizing flexibility and future growth for your bank’s needs.


Reduce Costs

Greatly reduce costs by reducing the need for physical banknotes and coins.

Other savings will come from reduction in heavy infrastructure costs, including ATMs, surveillance systems, armored vehicles, and security personnel.

Increase Revenue

Expand revenue opportunities by being a player in commerce and e-commerce transactions.

Increase loyalty through an open and universally acceptable e-wallet technology.

Increase revenue generating transactions and allow your customers to access the cash they need. Vaiu gives you an alternative to the debit card. Keep as much or more transaction revenue.

Increase average account balances. With digital on-demand access to the exact amount of cash they need, your customers will not take $300 out of the ATM when they only need $27, resulting in higher average account balances.

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Interoperability Is Your Fastest Path to a Great Customer Experience

Vaiu™ is universal digital cash accepted by all banks in the Vaiu™ Network. Vaiu™ works across software platforms, businesses, and international borders.

Benefits To Your Customers

Vaiu™ is Freedom
No need to carry cash or credit card, all you need is your mobile phone with the Vaiu™ app.
Vaiu™ is Private
Vaiu™ requires no credential exchange, and protects against identity theft.
Vaiu™ is Convenient
Use Vaiu™ for all your credit card payments from all over the world, whenever you need.
Vaiu™ is Versatile
Vaiu™ is as easy as cash for gifts, small businesses, tips, and paying for odd jobs when you don’t know the recipient.

The Vaiu Instant ATM

Right in your customers' hands


Energize your Mobile App

Transform your bank app from a monthly balance checker to an essential part of your customer’s daily lives. Vaiu™ increases customer engagement, revenue, and market share while significantly reducing costs.

Withdraw and Deposit Instantly

Directly from your bank’s mobile app, your customers can withdraw money from their account as a Vaiu™ token and deposit a Vaiu™ token to add money to their account. They can do this safely and instantly 24/7 365 days, rain or shine.

How It Works for Banks

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1. Join the Vaiu™ Network

Register your bank by contacting us to receive the application.
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2. Integrate Vaiu™ Component in Your Bank

Connect to Vaiu™ by using our secure API’s.
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3. Let Your Customers Use Vaiu™ Globally

Your customers can now create and receive smart digital cash from all other connected banks.


Fill out the “Join Vaiu™ Network” below or contact us if you have any questions before you join.

1. We want to integrate as soon as possible2. We will integrate within 6 months3. We will integrate within 1 year