Your Transition to
Digital Cash

A Single
Platform For Banks, Merchants & Consumers


Vaiu™ for Banks

Integration into the Vaiu™ global instant payments network is easy with our digital cash ATM component in your mobile app. Privacy and convenience anytime/anywhere access to funds while maintaining AML/KYC and assisting with GDPR compliance.

Vaiu™ for Merchants

Vaiu™ will reduce your transaction costs by up to 70%. By accepting Vaiu™ tokens you also allow your customers to use any form of payment they want. Set up is easy and takes as little as a few minutes to complete.

Vaiu™ for People

Use Vaiu™ to access your funds immediately easily and safely. With Vaiu you never expose your identity when transacting. Never again share your credit card information when you want to pay with your credit card. Create a credit-card payment token with Vaiu™ instead. Safe, private, fast, easy.




Payer and receiver do not have to be on the same app.


Vaiu™ requires no exchange of credentials, and protects against identity theft.

Smart Money

Vaiu™ transactions are fast and programmable.


Vaiu™ lowers the risk of theft through an innovative solution that allows only the favoured recipient to redeem the payment.


Vaiu™ is truly a global platform, connecting banks and users from all over the world.

Total Control

People set the exact value, time, and location of the funds they transmit as tokens for total control over how much, when, where, and to whom they make a digital cash payment.

Latest News and Updates


July 7, 2021

Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo and Vaiu Kosovo Team Up to Advance Digital Cash

June 28th, 2021, Kosovo – Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo and Vaiu Kosovo have signed an agreement to develop new banking software and services for Raiffeisen’s customers.


March 7, 2023

Mobile Money Transactions

Mobile money has often been likened to a network of digital rails through which a variety of financial and payment services can be delivered. Much of the burgeoning literature over the last seven years has focused on how to build the rails, the marketing and profitability analysis of basic mobile money propositions.


June 5, 2023

A Look into Digital Money

It is easy to feel overwhelmed these days by the volume of innovations around digital money and payments. Existing players as well as new ones promote and offer this. Some tackle specific points of customer convenience, and others aim for greater safety and robustness.