Vaiu network

Vaiu tokens are generated and accepted only by members of the Vaiu Network.

Vaiu network is the network of Banks and e-wallets that are connected to the Vaiu clearinghouse and certified to generate and accept Vaiu tokens. Member banks generate trusted Vaiu tokens representing cash equivalents and accept Vaiu tokens.

How to join the Vaiu Network:


Fill out the “Join Vaiu Network” below or contact us if you have any questions before you join.

1. We want to integrate as soon as possible<br />2. We will integrate within 6 month<br />3. We will integrate within 1 year.

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Contact your bank to learn how easy it is to opt in to accept Vaiu tokens and streamline payment acceptance and cash management for your business.

How It Works for Banks

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1. Join the Vaiu Network

Register your bank by contacting us to receive the application.
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2. Integrate Vaiu Component in your Bank

Connect to Vaiu by using our secure API’s.
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3. Let your customers use Vaiu globally.

Your customers can now create and receive smart digital cash from all other connected banks.

Answers to the Most Popular Questions

A way of paying. Vaiu is powered by a platform that enables digital payment where one might otherwise require cash. We allow digital payments to be repurposed (programmed) based on mutually agreed upon outcomes.  We eliminate the need for escrow and trusted third parties. Banks and mobile operators and P2P apps use us to offer their customers a modern delightful payment experience.
Vaiu simplifies online payments. Especially for those who do not want to use credit cards, we offer a way to “pay with cash” digitally.  A growing number of Americans would like to take more control of their finances.  We offer them an easy way to meet this objective.

No, we are a technology platform that enables smart money and improves user experiences with payments. We leave the handling of money to banks and other financial institutions.

You can create money with Vaiu with constraints. For example, you can set a geographic boundary (Paris), and a time (Tuesday afternoon), and anything else (e.g. if it is raining in San Diego).

Whereas credit cards cost money to process, cash is accepted at no extra cost to the merchant. There is also no processing fee imposed on the payer by the receiver. There is generally zero risk associated with accepting it. Credit and debit cards come with a fee associated with some level of risk and some cost of processing the payment.

It is actually more secure. Not only is the code generated on the fly which means it cannot be reused, but you can also specify that the code only be used for a certain transaction, for example, from a particular merchant.

You cannot buy online with cash. In person, you may not always have cash on hand, may not want to stop by the ATM or simply not want to carry it around. Furthermore, increasingly merchants discourage cash as it slows down the payments process during peak periods (looking for change, making change) and merchants need additional provisions to manage cash.

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