Vaiu™ Products

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Vaiu™ is commercializing a patent-pending innovative method of transaction that preserves the positive characteristics of cash while reducing the risks of cash that concern governments and banks.

Our products are organized to provide your business with just the right level of technology to fit your IT stack. Our entry product is a raw token database for storing and processing programmable smart tokens. Each product adds business rules and middleware glue and technical integration services to add value to your business.

For example, our digital instant ATM product runs atop our token-tuned tokenBase with business rules and configurability for deployment in your mobile banking app.


Every product from Vaiu™ is strongly protected with state of the art encryption and authentication.


Product List

Vaiu tokenBase

Our token database stores and processes generic smart tokens in both central and federated models scoped for single-entity usage or for interoperability.

Your Vaiu tokenBase™ will run inside your firewall or off-prem managed by us on your choice of Azure, AWS, or GCP.


You will control all token generation and access-control.

Vaiu tokenBases™ can be chained and connected in a network for interoperability within your organization’s entities, for example, your national entities if you are a multinational company.

Vaiu tokenRegistry™

'local, regional, and global lookup for tokens'

The Vaiu tokenRegistry™ works hand-in-hand with our tokenBase™. A tokenRegistry™ service is available to be run by you, dedicated securely to your organization’s use. Alternatively, a regional tokenRegistry™ can be set up to service token discovery across a region of any size.

We operate a central tokenRegistry™ in fact for rapid deployment of tokens for your business and also for testing of your application prior to deployment.


The Vaiu Instant ATM™

'Right in your customer's hands'


Energize your Mobile App

Transform your bank app from a monthly balance checker to an essential part of your customer’s daily lives. Vaiu™ increases customer engagement, revenue, and market share while significantly reducing costs.

Withdraw and Deposit Instantly

Directly from your bank’s mobile app, your customers can withdraw money from their account as a Vaiu™ token and deposit a Vaiu™ token to add money to their account. They can do this safely and instantly 24/7 365 days, rain or shine.

Vaiu CLDT Wallet™

' anyone for anything from anywhere in the world, anytime...'

The Vaiu Wallet is a full-featured consumer-facing product that gives solo merchants and consumers:


A “Vaiu Balance™”

  • Multiple currencies.

The ability to generate payment and invoice tokens.

  • Integrated with credit card, debit card, bank account (IBAN or US) and optional crypto currencies processing.
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Optionally, upgrade to connect you and your customers privately and credential-free with Vaiu Messenger™.

Vaiu Messenger™

'Our customer service agents can connect with our customers easily without sharing phone numbers or email addresses'

Our tokenChat™, running atop our tokenBase™, enables parties to connect without sharing any credentials.

This technology enables consumers and businesses to develop a communication channel that is:


Private, without sharing a customer’s phone number.

Opt-in enabled to allow your customers to let you know they want to hear from you or not.