Vaiu @ Dokufest 2023

Welcome to Dokufest! 
We hope you will have a wonderful time.

If you make purchases from Dokufest merchants this year, it will be using Vaiu software.

This document explains how to pay with Vaiu at Dokufest.

Technical Requirements

Vaiu software is accessible via most web browsers on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, etc.

Sign up for your Vaiu account here

We recommend you bookmark this page during Dokufest so you can quickly return to it.

Deposit funds into your account

  • Go to the Vaiu@Dokufest appMake sure you are signed in.
  • Bring your cash to the designated DokuFest Cashier.
    They will generate a Vaiu code for you to scan or enter.


  • Enter or scan the code immediately.  Make sure the money has been added to your Vaiu balance.


Paying with Vaiu

Make sure you trust the person you are paying.
All Vaiu payments are final – just like with cash.

Method 1:  You can send Vaiu money to any other Vaiu user.

Go to the Vaiu@Dokufest app and select the Withdraw option.   
Enter the amount of money to withdraw, and select Create a Payment Token.



This money is removed from your account, and placed in the code you created.



Only show this code to the person you want to pay. 
When they enter it / scan it, the money is theirs – just like you giving them cash.

If nobody redeems your code, the money will return to your account in 1 day.


Method 2:  A DokuFest merchant requests the money from you.

The merchant will provide you a QR code or 6-digit code requesting your money.


Scan the QR code with your phone or enter the code in the Vaiu@Dokufest app.

The app will ask if you want to pay.


          Select “Pay Invoice” to pay the merchant.

Transaction Limits

DokuFest 2023 has a limit of €150 per transaction.


Transaction History

You can see the history of your Vaiu transactions.

Select “History” from the Vaiu menu:



This displays a list of your transactions:


You can select any of the rows to get more information:




Questions or Issues?

Both DokuFest and Vaiu staff will be available during DokuNights.

  • DokuFest staff can help you with questions about the festival.
  • DokuFest merchants and cashiers collected your cash and gave you digital cash or food and beverage in return.  They can help you out with what you paid and what you received for your payment.
  • Vaiu wrote the software being used at DokuFest.  They can help you if the software is not working properly.
    If you cannot find them, please send email to as soon as possible.


Use of your information

Vaiu collects various information as part of your signing up for and using the service.

Vaiu will only provide this information to DokuFest and third parties necessary to provide services and communications, such as emails, to you.